Zenvo ST1 Review and Price

How does it feels like, to drive some road-legal rocket car? Zenvo is one brand that comes from Danish. Their first objective is to build something that can surpasses the Veyron through the raw pace. However, Zenvo comes with another idea. They finally build something that can perform well on the road and track. From the look, I can tell you that the Zenvo ST1 is really a good-looking car. It can make other car manufacturers pull their ideas straightforward. The front bumper is really stunning; full with air vents to keep everything running properly and cool. At the backside, you can find twin muffler lying below your taillight. It gives you some gruesome rocket look. Everything is just great, but we know that this Zenvo ST1 price is high enough. You can buy this great car for around $1 million.

Price to Performance
Those numbers for the Zenvo ST1 price is just extremely high. However, we cannot argue that this Zenvo ST1 have the high performance engine. It comes with the 7-Liter Longitudinal Supercharged and Turbocharged. The engine stays directly behind the passenger cell, giving the car another perspective of weight distribution. This ST1 comes with three engine modes; there are the Normal, Sports and Race. It can deliver power respectively from 650bhp, 850bhp and 1104bhp. You will get full traction control on the Normal mode. During Sports Mode, you will get traction control partially. Finally, on the Race Mode, you will get no driving aids, except your sense and feeling. The engine can deliver power smoothly and progressive. It only lacks on power during low-bands RPM, but it can deliver the uproar on higher RPM; delivering some massive voices through the air. Set it on the 1104bhp mode, and this car can bring so much sadness for other car manufacturers, especially for Veyron. Somehow, it is faster and much more responsive than the Veyron.

To keep things well, this Zenvo ST 1 comes with the Brembo Brakes, with the 380mm for the front wheels and 355mm at the rear wheels. For most of the person, riding this Zenvo ST1 can quite pain in their ass. The suspension is firm and rock-hard, but it can provides full stability during high-speed riding. This car also comes with 30 settings (the higher the number, the better you get?) for their dampers, making your ride is perfect for different road condition.