The Thrilling of 2016 Lamborghini Gallardo

After the successful era of the old version of Gallardo, Lamborghini is planning to launch another new Gallardo on the early 2016. We know that the old Gallardo is just simple, pure sports car that is fun to drive. Lamborghini simply cannot remake the beauty of the old Gallardo. I can say that the latest Lamborghini Huracan is great, but is not as fun as the Gallardo. To regain its old dignity, Lamborghini prepare the new 2016 Lamborghini Gallardo to have better looks.

As we can see, the front diffuser is just looks great, maybe it is have not much difference from the old one, but Lamborghini make it to look sharper. The new Gallardo also get its new and revised headlamps. We know that they will be using the LED as their first options. The body also looks rather wider and they added some other detail to make it look futuristic. If we look on the back, we know that the new model is still using the old looks, which is nice. New spoiler gives this car some muscular and extravagant detail. You will also get the detachable Carbon Fiber Roof that can be stored on the car’s compartment. However, this new model is planned to be the perfect Lamborghini for your daily use.

Glance from the inside
When we are talking about the interior, this new Gallardo will make the old model just look bad. It have some added features, which can gives you comfortable ride. The dashboard still using the old model, but the difference comes from the middle console. There are other gauge in the mid cluster that can makes you to get the better sports car feel. The steering its sharp and responsive, it just great for you to do some tight maneuvering on some curves.

Performance that matters
The new 2016 Lamborghini Gallardo will get the 5.2-Liter V10 Engine. It can produce for around 610 horsepower. Lamborghini also already develops the new Multi Factor and Gas System Shot; it will gives you better power, yet saving more fuel. Squeeze the pedal down, and you will hear some crisp muffler uproar. It will do from zero to 60 only in 3.2 seconds. Keep the pedal down, and this car can run up to 202 mph. This great engine also comes with great Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission that can deliver the precise gear change in the perfect momentum.