The Most Desirable Number One: Ferrari LaFerrari Price and Review

When we you are talking about sports car and you still want to have some more? Maybe you can go up to the Exotics Sports Car. Everything is set to please your thirst of power and artistic design. I can say that one of the greatest candidates that can enter the exotics sports car is the LaFerrari. It is not only possessed some sports car performance, but it also gets the real beauty of the exotics ride. Everything is sleek, maybe I can say that real sports car have curves. This LaFerrari is just sexy, the front lips is sharp and detailed, and giving you some aerodynamics body shape. Maybe from the entire family of Ferrari, I can say that this LaFerrari is the greatest one above all. Ferrari LaFerrari price might be crazy as hell, but once you find out that this car have some hidden potential, then maybe you can nod and say thanks to know this Ferrari.

Intoxicating Machinery
With this Ferrari LaFerrari price for around $1.4-million, maybe you can buy some condominium or even home. However, you cannot do some hot lap and breathtaking cornering using your home. It will be useless if you bought some sports car and it is slow or even stationary like your home. Somehow, this LaFerrari will make your jaw drop for sure. It comes with the Hybrid Engine; the V12 comes with the 789 horsepower and you will get another 161 horsepower boost from the electric motor. We know that this car is hybrid, so it will gives you some acceleration punch just like the Veyron. The electric motor also helps you to regain some fuel economy.

Put down the pedal to the metal, and this LaFerrari will drag from zero to 60 mph only in 2.5 seconds. While you do some quarter mile, it can reach only in 9.5 seconds @150 mph; it seems I have found my ten seconds car, Dom! Snorts the throttle up to 9.000 rpm, and you will have some big smile on your face. This car can deliver some massive sports car-like noise to the air; it is crisp and of course, it will make yourself to get some adrenaline rush. It is not a bad idea to keep this car running on your local racetracks, but it is also suitable for your weekend drive, enjoying some cruise around the highway.