The Luxurious Freedom: 2016 Bentley Flying Spurs

If you are looking for something luxurious, then you must be in a perfect spot to stay around with Bentley. It is one of the British motoring, that is suitable for someone that loves the ‘above standards’ cruising. Having one luxurious car is interesting; it is like spend enough money to buy some condominium in the middle of America. Owning a Bentley, it means that you should not need to worry about your income anymore. This 2016 Bentley Flying Spurs is rather different from the old model. Bentley has made some major differences from the body itself. These Flying Spurs is still having the manly look, and adding some sports car sensation to create some perfect balances for your eyes.

Gentlemen’s True Identity
Put aside all the great look of this car, we know that the car design will looks sophisticated for every pair of eyes that passing by. These 2016 Bentley Flying Spurs can be the main attention when you are using it on street. However, beauty is just not enough. It is not nice to see some bulky car trying hard only to pass some car upfront. Flying Spurs comes with the formidable options of V8 Twin-Turbo engine with 500 horsepower or the mighty beast of W12 Twin-Turbo with 616 horsepower; it seems, one V is just not enough!

To create some massive acceleration while saving some mileage on the fuel, This Flying Spurs comes with the Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission. Squeeze down the pedal, and you will get enormous feel and joy of acceleration. The All-Wheel drive also gives you more instant power and greater stability when it is comes to do some cornering. Another great thing also comes from the engine. To create better gas mileage, the V8 will trigger its selective cylinder shutdown and turn itself into a V4 under slow pace driving. I highly recommend the V8 engine, because it still can manages into 183 mph and can gives you sharper throttle response and lag-free power delivery.

Beauty comes from the inside
Bentley never stop to treat you. These 2016 Bentley Flying Spurs can gives you outrageous comforts on the inside. The leather seats are very comfortable, and you will get some massive loads of features. It is interesting to be a rear-passenger, because you cannot feel the bumps from the street; everything is just very comfortable, giving you more time to enjoy your afternoon wine.