The Fire-Spitting 2016 Ferrari 488

It is always nice to see some Ferraris passing by. The sounds of the engine and muffler is just really nice. It resonates smoothly on the low RPM, and it will go violently uproar during high RPM. Actually, I like the entire Ferraris, except maybe the California. Ferrari California is still have the great engine, but it does not look appealing to my eyes. Ferrari is always identical with sports look and feel, making them different in every aspect of motoring. Ferrari also known to have superb handling and top speed. However, there are some minor issues from the Stability Control on the older model that causing the car to have lack of fun to drive. Everything is fixed on the 2016 Ferrari 488, is just pure joy and excitement.

Fast, Faster, Fastest!
When you talking about power, then it is the time for Turbo to play. Naturally Aspirated engine is just nice, you can feel the raw, true power from the engine. However, the Naturally Aspirated engine cannot produce higher output of power beyond their limit. Ferrari trusts their engine with Turbo, definitely, pair of them! Ferrari provides you with the latest F154 3.9-Liter Engine that comes with 661 horsepower on 8.000 RPM. It sounds scary if you rev it until 8.000 RPM, but trust me; this car can do much more than that! Are you looking for some acceleration? This Ferrari comes with the Dual-Clutch Seven Speed transmission. It gives you drag from zero to 60 mph only in 3 seconds. Amplify the fun; you can drive this car up to the 205 mph! However, you still need to wait until 3.000 RPM until the boost is completely spooled and it will go to redline in no time.

Personal driving space
It is not fun to sit as the passenger. In order to get the joy from this 2016 Ferrari 488, you should need to be the driver itself. The driver position is completely perfect, it gives you some personal driving space, with easy driving control and management. There are lots of dials, and buttons; it just like driving jets! Personally, I really like the instruments of this car; it gives you lots of information. Maybe you will not read the Lateral G of this car, but that is just fun! This Ferrari also comes with some usable infotainment, with multifunction dash knob controller that have different functions.