The Executive Saloon: 2016 Mercedes Benz E Class

E Class always looks compromising. Giving you the state of the ark look, and classy sensation. It may not have sharp curving as the other brands looks like, but Mercedes always have their own different characteristics when it comes to car. This 2016 Mercedes E Class is the true form of the Executive Saloon. It is the seventh generation and of course, it have more distinctive look up front. However, the backside of this car is not look like some sports car. It does looks classy, but I rather miss the old looking sharp detail of its tail.

Technology that counts
When Mercedes reveal this car, we know that it will be another step of a humanity to the autonomous driving. This 2016 Mercedes E Class gives you the all-new driver assistance system. This feature is taken from the S-Class, and Mercedes is bring it back to a new level. To confuse all of the competitors, Mercedes has prepared the most technologically advanced systems into one bundle of car. It comes with the next-generation of sensors, radars and cameras that are implanted to the whole body.

One technology that I love the most is the Intelligent Drive systems. This latest update from the systems gives the car to absorb any kind of curves on the highway, while maintain the safest distance from the vehicles in front up to speeds of 124 mph. The systems also will alerts the driver when the driver’s concentration is off.

There are also the Steering Pilot function that uses the road markings to navigate some curving at the safe speed of 80 mph. This E-Class will scan the whole area, and detect some road markings nearby. The car also will automatically increase or decrease the speed by detecting some speed limits sign around the car. This car also comes with the Evasive Steering Assists. This system will detects the driver movement when trying to make some evasive maneuvers. The system will apply some addition steering force in order to make you avoid the passing-by pedestrian or other vehicles.

Smartphone Application
To maximize the effectiveness of this car, there are also the smartphone application that integrates with the car automated parking sensors. It allows you to park the 2016 Mercedes E Class from the outside remotely. The car will moves up to 2 mph, and do the rest of the job. You can also lock, unlock and start the car only by using this great application.