The Detailed Look from Maybach Landaulet 2015

What more can I explain if there is something more beyond luxury? Luxurious car such as Bentley and Rolls Royce, they were just great. However, you might have forgotten something that is called as the Maybach. Maybach is one of the most exquisite car that can worth more than your supercar. It rather sounds like over confidence, but I still interested to hear more from this car. There might be some question hanging around your mind; why should I buy something that is more expensive than a supercar? Is it worth your money? Driving all around in town or motorway using this Maybach, and try not to hit anything? Actually, the Maybach Landaulet 2015 is one car that is suitable for your eminence, giving you the place for some attention-seeker. This car also built for some of the world leader, to make them can enjoy eating their donuts.

Money as their problem solver
Maybe it is not looks as much as supercars. It has no sharp detail, distinctive air ducts and vents, but Maybach do have some curves. This Maybach Landaulet 2015 was not made for curving around your local race tracks, but it is made for comfortable ride. This Maybach have around 20-feet long, which is longer than the most of the Limo. This car also weighs up for around three and quarter tons, sounds crazy. Actually, you will forget all those numbers when you open up the hood of this car. You will find the 6-Liter Twin-Turbo V12 Engine. The engine is much smoother than your sports car, but it still can deliver road performance for around 620 horsepower. The engine is also paired with the Five-Speed Automatic transmission, that can change gear smoothly and precise. This Landaulet also can do zero to 60 drag in below 5 seconds. To create some comfortable ride, this Landaulet comes with the Active Self-Leveling Suspension

Take some glance on the inside of this car, and you will found all the exquisite stuff that will accompany your road trip. It comes with the detachable soft roof panel for you to enjoy some fresh air, while keeping your privacy safe. There is also the optional 19-inch TV with Bose 21-stereo speakers for you to watch some interesting movies and keep you entertained. Of course, you will also find the refrigerator together with the champagne flutes (it is standards on Landaulet!).