The Amusing 2016 Ferrari California T

Ferrari will always be a great car. It is amusing to driving around using Ferrari than Lambo or Porsche. Ferrari is one of the powerful car that is great at every single aspect of motoring. Ferrari is great to single-handedly delivering raw power to your hands. However, there are some old sad news about one of their cars. Back in the past, the old California did not have some great response on the market. Some believe that it is not the real Ferrari, it just like some calm, and boring sports car. Somehow, Ferrari fails to earn people’s trust from the California. Finally, the 2016 Ferrari California T will claim other people’s heart and mind for sure.

Your daily fun and joy
Better looks, better performance, the 2016 Ferrari California T is back to business! I really like how this car look; it is looks sharper and more futuristic than the old California. Ferrari California is the lowest models for all of their types, with its unique power-retractable hardtop. For most of the car enthusiasts, power means everything. Therefore, Ferrari has prepared lots of firepower on this California. It comes with the 3.9-Liter V8, which can deliver for around 552 horsepower. To create better fuel consumption, Ferrari also using the Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic transmission. The response of the transmission is quite agile and responsive, giving you around 3.3 second of drag from zero to 60 mph.

Technically, this Ferrari is suitable for daily use. There are only short turbo-lag, and you cannot feel it when you put down the pedal. The V8 engine cover it all, making the revs can go up quickly in no time. To give you better stopping capabilities; this Ferrari comes with the Carbon-Ceramic Brakes set. The nose of this car can aims into some corner at ease, diminishing the oversteer and understeer sensation at ease. The suspension is rigid, it can performs well on all curves; Ferrari has learned their past mistakes!

The Look from the Inside
Enough talking about some raw power and engine capabilities. It is not a Ferrari when it cannot gives you pleasure when you drive. This 2016 Ferrari California T comes with flat and rigid bucket seats. It will hug you tight on bends; everything is perfect! The analog Tachometer is still looks great, and it still paired with other useful information on the screen next to it. However, the infotainment unit gives you poor radio reception.