The 2016 BMW 7 Series: Luxury from Heaven

After some time of waiting, finally the fifth generation of the notorious long wheelbases 7-Series has come. It is one of the most beast and tough-looking 7-Series from all the past generation. This 2016 BMW 7 Series is the answer from the tough rivalry of Tesla and Mercedes. BMW successfully survived beyond the electrification car with the i8 and the i3 options. BMW also rises up through the ActiveHybrids series. BMW prepared the plug-in hybrid option for every core model, in order to make greener life.

Sad past stays in the past
The 2010 BMW 750Li suffer to some big loss against the Panamera S and Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. It also suffer some big defeat against the Audi A8L and the Supercharged Jag XJL. I hope that this 2016 BMW 7 Series can withstand against all odds, leaving all the sad past behind.

Walter Schindlbeck as the project head, mentioned that BMW needs to restore the flagship’s series neglected ride and handling capabilities. Some weight-cropping tech is fitted to the latest 7-Series, to diminish the ride weight for around 285 pounds. Some brakes and suspension components is switched to the fully aluminum. Thus, this modification will minimizing the weight for around 15 percent. To strengthen the body construction, BMW uses its great Carbon Core Unibody. The stamped steel remains as the major chassis constituent, but now it is also being reinforced with fifteen-molded carbon fiber at the strategic location.

Technologies that matters
This 2016 BMW 7 Series will get some serious package of technology. It have the four-wheel steering to maximize steering responsiveness. There are also the four-wheel drive options, in order to create higher capability of road eating in every different road conditions. The dampers are adjustable, to create maximum road stability. BMW fitted this 7-Series with the electric-assisted power steering to create smooth movement of the steering, while removing the steering feedback like the common BMW driving sensation.

This car carry out the 3.0-Liter B58 Engine, to reduce the fuel consumption, while increasing the power capability. It still uses the ZF Eight-Speed Transmission with the wider gear-ratio configuration. The automatic transmission will gives you the smooth driving comfort, without any lag from the gear changes. The transmission also the main key of BMW to create some higher mileage before the fuels runs out. All one big mistake from this car is no longer fun to drive because all the assisted driving technology!