Outstanding Performance from 2016 BMW 3 Series

BMW finally unveils their 3-series secret after they have successfully developed some new significant updates. This 2016 BMW 3 Series model will get the all new look; well I can say it is fresh, sharp and looks powerful. However, the entire 2016 models just look nearly the same; only get some major difference in wheelbase and the length of the car. BMW still trust their front lamp with their Adaptive Bi Xenon that is just looks great. The 3-series still trust their distinctive aerodynamics look, which is looks great.

Joy of Ride
The biggest and handful modifications is start from the engine. The 2016 BMW 3 Series model gets the brand new Turbocharged Aluminum 3.0-Liter Straight Six Engine. This great engine is also called as the B58. The engine will gives you around 320 horsepower in around 5.500 to 6.500 rpm. Put the pedal down, and you can feel the torque since the 1.380 rpm. This new engine removing all the possibilities of turbo-lag. You can start to get the power since you first down to step on the throttle without to wait until the revs build up.

This 3-series comes with the standards eight-speed Streptronic Automatic Transmission. This transmission gives you precise moment to shift up and down, and reducing your gas consumption. BMW also prepare the six-speed Manual Transmission with Rev-Matching function as an option. The Automatic one can do sprints from zero to 60 mph only in 4.8 seconds. If you installed the optional xDrive all-wheel drive system, your BMW can do zero to 60 mph only in 4.6 seconds.

Active Hybrids?
It might still sounds like a rumor, but everyone is keep talking about the 2016 BMW 3 Series model will get the Active Hybrid as their options. The 330e will get the Turbocharged Four-Cylinder and compact electric motor. These power sources will produce around 250 horsepower. The gas and electric motor combination will gives you punch from zero to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds.

Wagon revisits
The long waited 3-series Sports Wagon gets the benefit from their revised suspension. It uses the Dynamic Stability Control System and remodeled Electric Power Steering. BMW also ensure that the consumers will get much better stability and control on the new 3-series Sports Wagon. There are also the Track Handling Packages that comes with Variable Sport Steering, Adaptive ///M Suspension, Sport Brakes with High-Temperature Euro Brake Pads. The 18-inch alloys wheels also wrapped in Michelin Super Sport Tires.