Mid Size Trucking: The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

We know that once in the past, mid-size trucks were effectively replaced the compact and lightweight trucks since fifteen years ago. Causing by sudden changes, it just leaving the small Chevy Colorado behind. Until last year, Chevrolet start to change their mindsets, and preparing the new Colorado to join the Mid-Size class. The latest 2016 Chevrolet Colorado can outperforms both Tacoma and Frontier on many different aspects. We can also see that this new Colorado is a great rival for full-size trucks with their full-size towing capability and hauling capacity.

Selection that matters
This 2016 Chevrolet Colorado comes with two different powertrains. There are the standard four-cylinder engine. This base engine models have 2.5-Liter inline four that also powering the GM’s sedan and other luxury car. When we are talking about power, the engine can produce around 200 horsepower and comes with the choices of manual or six-speed automatic transmission. During the tests, the interior still sounds quiet, even when you put the pedal down the floor. This base model engine is suitable for light-duty users and not looking for some heavy hauling.

There is also the 3.6-Liter V6 model as an option for the Colorado. It comes with 305 Horsepower, which is enough to do some heavy pulling until 7000 pounds of capacity. The torque band comes in the mid-range acceleration, so it is suitable when you want to pass some cars on the highway.

Some features that shall set you free
To complete the essence of driving, this 2016 Chevrolet Colorado comes with fully boxed frame. It is quite rigid to handle the handling and bending. In order to make your ride comfortable, there is also Coil Front suspension with soft feels. Power steering already comes as standards on all models. If you are interested with some off-road, there are also the Four-Wheel drive as an optional.

This Colorado comes in three different trims. There are the base WT models as work trucks and the LT models that comes with full equipment. For the off-road specialist, there are the Z71 models. It comes with different headlamps, 17-inch wheels and dark grille trim. The good news is, all models gets six airbags as standards, Stability Control with Trailer-Sway Control. However, the Z71 models also gets the hill decent control, forward-collision alert and lane-departure warning systems. For the entertainment, there are the Eight-inch touchscreen center display with MyLink Interface.