Living on a Jet Plane Ride: Bugatti Veyron Super Sports Specs and Review

After sipping some of your afternoon coffee, you grab your Bugatti Veyron key, and start the engine. Keep it idle for while, hearing the engine revving up until its gets idle by itself. The engine voice is just amazing, giving you some sudden burst of adrenaline. There are nothing can outmatch the Bugatti Veyron looks. It is just a supercar masterpiece, with the unbelievable performance. Maybe for some speed junkies, the ordinary Veyron is not enough, and they will go to the Super Sports version. The ‘Super Sports’ name will be the key to crush the entire barrier that lies between your Mach 1 top speed. So let us discuss more about the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports specs before we jumped in on the cockpit.

Technical specification and numbers, mere numbers
Super Sports also means that is super price, because if you want to buy this Veyron Super Sports, you will need to spend money for around $2.426.904; for those numbers, you can afford at least ten Ferrari 458 Italia. However, you cannot found the 1200 horsepower on those 458. To get the Super Sports title, this Bugatti needs to achieve 20 more horsepower from the engine. It is nice to hear the engine uproar to redline, pushing to change the gear upwards. This Bugatti Veyron Super Sports specs sheets also shows us that it comes with the Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Automated Manual Drives. For some showing off, it will take two technicians to remove the entire shell coverings for the engine.

The outer panels of this Super Sports is made by fully carbon fiber. It shows us that it can gives you 110 pounds lighter than the base Bugatti Veyron. This Super Sports also gets the relocated rear-differential cooler to the rear diffuser to reduce plumbing hardware usage. It also comes with new sets of wheel that can save you around 25 pounds. It might sounds funny when you find out that a set of Michelin Super Sports tires will costs you $42.000. It still can withstand for 10.000 miles of normal usage, but it will only lasts for 15 minutes of insane, fully paced driving. Need to mention that it will also costs you around 26-gallon of fuel tank will sucked dry only in 10 minutes! This Super Sports can be your interesting ride; however, you will need to spend extra cash for the entire service and parts changes.