Concept That Matters: Audi Le Mans Concept Price and Review

When you talking about some concept cars, you always want to play with your mind. Before the brands are fully unveils its car, you still need to wondering about the identity of a car. However, when you discussing something like Audi, you will know that it always have the futuristic looks. Nowadays, Audi is one of the automotive benchmarks for the design. It is also one of the car that is used by Tony Stark in the movies of Iron Man. Audi represents future of the car, so it is suitable with the Tony Stark’s style and look. I can say that The R8 and the E-Tron is just stunning. Audi has complete the entire possibility for sports-hybrid car. At the first glance of the Audi Le Mans Concept, I know that it have some common in the body looks with the R8. It gets the beauty front lips, with the multi-LED headlights that looks like some insects. The air scoops make this car looks beast and powerful. However, Audi Le Mans Concept price is still not yet known.

Unveils the base price
We know that the Audi Le Mans Concept price is still unknown, but there are issues that it will come with the base price of $200.000. It is some fair price for a high performance ride; this Le Mans Concept gets the powerful engine that comes from the R8; the Naturally Aspirated 5.2-liter V10 that can produce for around 540 horsepower. Because this car is the limited manufacturer car, of course it will get the upgraded version of V10 that comes with the 610 horsepower. For some of you, it might sounds unfair if Audi run some race against the Lamborghini or Ferrari.


However, the Audi Le Mans can do the zero to 60 mph drag only in below 4 seconds; it is the number that counts. If you squeeze the entire juice from the engine, you can get the maximum estimated top speed of around 168 mph.
To maintain the road stability performance, you can do some set ups that is put on your steering wheel. You will get the Drive Select button, cycling between the Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and the Performance Mode. There will be also the optional Checkered Flag Button for the Dry, Wet and Snow setting. This Audi Le Mans Concept can gives you lots of fun on the road track, giving you the complete feel and control on the steering wheels.