Big Hot Shots: 2016 Mercedes GLK

After long time of waiting, finally Mercedes unveil its second generation of Mercedes High-Capacity Compact Crossover, the GLK Series. It is one great rival of Audi Q5 and BMW X3 in the compact crossover class. This 2016 Mercedes GLK is still using the C-Class Architecture, sturdy, compact and stable. The latest GLK have the sleek design, which is acceptable and far more better than the old one; it just look more aerodynamic. This GLK offer you more luxurious body design, which is capable to do some smooth and stable off-road and on-road driving. The modern aesthetic design takes over the entire classic off-road look. The headlamps gives emotional appeal, the LED High Performance lamps gives you the complete different look. This car also looks great from the behind, it have a good-looking taillight that will make your jaw drop! No more words can explain the detail look of this car, let us discuss further from the inside.

Beyond power
To ensure the performance of this car, Mercedes is giving you choices of Turbocharged Four and Six-Cylinder engine options. It also comes with Rear-wheel drive and Four-wheel drive options. The Four-cylinder engine is one that similar with the CLA250. The engine can spit out around 329 horsepower, fast bastard. This 2016 Mercedes GLK is counting the upcoming nine-speed transmission. At launch however, Mercedes fitted the seven-speed automatic transmission.

To ensure this car handling capabilities, there are the Mercedes standard suspension with its variable damper system. There are also comes with the easy and adjustable dampers. You can easily select the options through the Dynamic Select system, beginning from the Comfort, Sport, and Sport +. During the Sport + engage mode, the Suspension will lower by 0.8 inches and increasing the damper firmness. To increase the fuel efficiency, the Mercedes also comes with the Eco mode. The Air Body Control gives the unrivaled car stability that can surpasses all other car stability. The Steering Assistance systems also useful to make the GLK can eat all the curbs on the highway easily.

Glance inside the cabin
Take a peep into the cabin, and you will find everything that is just stay in the proper place. The entire instruments button is light up, giving you some beautiful light illumination when nightfall. The ambient lighting also looks great and make this car looks so perfect. Mercedes also prepared this GLK with the spacious cabin, thanks to the longer wheelbase that this 2016 Mercedes GLK have.