Beyond Super Power: McLaren P1 GTR Price and Reviews

What does it feels like, when you already have something super, but you still insisted to have more? Everything is possible when you are beyond rich and you want something that can fulfill your hunger for power and everything. Behold, one car above all; the McLaren P1 GTR. Surely, you might know the Black Widow P1 from the Top Gear Show. As you can see that the Jeremy Clarkson really like the P1, he said everything about this car, it is just beyond sophisticated piece of running sports car. Compares to the Porsche 918, the P1 might be still not enough. Do not be silly, but you must not forget that the LaFerrari also join the rivalry. They were made for the same purpose; to gives you some entertaining moment at your local racetracks. This McLaren P1 GTR price might be high enough, but I will gives you some endgame, the finest choices above all.

Racing Weapon
The McLaren P1 GTR price is higher than the cost to build one of your home; for $3.1-Million you can get one fast-moving road monster! Maybe it is high enough, but I know it can change your mind when you start the engine and step down on the pedal. The GTR version is the transformed version of the original P1. However, I know that the original P1 is just more than fast, but the working crew of McLaren found some way to deliver more performance juice out of the P1 to its maximum potential. This P1 GTR is aided by the uplifted model of the P1’s Twin-Turbocharged 3.8-Liter V8 and the electric motor that can squeeze out for 83 horsepower more. This car gets the 986 horsepower to the wheel, giving you the uncompromising track performance.

In order to make everything run well, this P1 GTR gets the Pirelli Slick Tires in the center-lock 19-inch wheels to gives out the perfect grip on the pavement. The Slick might not be suitable for slippery road, but who want to do some full-out run on the rainfall? Talking about some aerodynamics, the P1 GTR gets the fixed-mounted rear wing with 3.9 inches higher than the fully stretched P1. The suspension also 2 inches lower than the P1, delivering you better low center of gravity and stability. Everything is just sophisticated, but this road-legal super car might not so comfortable for your daily use.