Beyond Exotics: 2016 Ford GT

You know, exotics cars are always beautiful. Both of the great engineering combined and merged with the distinct body shape characteristics. It gives you both beauty on the outside, but an uproar on the inside, trying to gives you some spirit to keep running on and on through the redline. Somehow, driving an exotics is really nice, it have different aura of aesthetics that cannot be compared with other cars segment. I almost lost my breath when I look at the brand new 2016 Ford GT. The beauty of this car is just make my heart skip, and suddenly intensifies. The complete look from this great car is changed. It gives you striking details, pure combination of exotics, muscle and tuner into one car.

Striking performance
It seems Ford never stop to do some great developments on their cars. Brand new look, brand new technology, all suits into one package of car. The 2016 Ford GT gives you fully carbon-fiber body constructions and other panel to reduce all useless weight. This car have the Active Aerodynamics elements, including the multi-position rear wing to keep this beast stays on the ground while running on the fastest speed possible.

The true power comes out from the engine itself. This beauty is comes with the brand new generation of Twin-Turbocharged 3.5-Liter V6 Engine with EcoBoost. This Midship-engine Layout can produce for more than 600 horsepower, compromising enough to kill all the rival stays behind the game. The engine gives you pure energy without any hybrid-powered technologies.

The rear wheel get its raw power straight from the engine, leaving you more room to enjoy the ride and do some improvising. It also comes with the Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission to increase shifting response, gives you 0 to 60 mph drag just in no time. The middle-mounted twin-muffler also have some great sounds. It gives you some crispy sounds when you put the pedal all way down. It also can run in quite calm mood if you do not raise the revs up. All that matters is also the stopping power. This 2016 Ford GT gets the Carbon Ceramic Brakes to keep your fast-paced car can stop at ease.

The good news also comes from the inside. Unlike other high-performance car manufacturers, This Ford GT still get the Sync 3 Infotainment setups in the middle console. It also augmenting your digital gauge clusters to make it looks even more detail.