Taste of Rally and Compact Hatchbacks: 2016 Ford Focus RS

Maybe it is just my joy of excitement bursts out when I find out that there will be the third-generation of Ford Focus RS will come within our grasp. Maybe some of you are the kind of hatchback person, loving the small and agile car that can go almost anywhere at ease. Driving some hatchback is rather different from driving sedans. Hatchback are easier to control, because it have less weight than sedans. Most of the hatchback also gets some rigid suspension; it is one sign for you to do some slalom easily! Actually I am not so much interested with the late Ford Focus RS, but this 2016 Ford Focus RS models, is just different, It is looks sharp and distinctive!

Power Oriented
This small car is powered by the beast’s heart. It gets the Ford Mustang’s Four-Liter Turbocharged 2.3-Liter EcoBoost Engine. It can deliver for around 315 Horsepower. These 2016 Ford Focus RS also get the Four-wheel drive configuration; it means that it will gives you higher number of stability and faster response down the throttle. This great car can do 0 to 60 mph drag only just below five seconds. The Six-Speed manual gearbox is comes in standard (the only options, sorry!).

The engine is rather different from the Mustang’s version. It have lower inertia Twin-Scroll Turbocharger. It can deliver bigger power and torque since low RPM’s. It also get bigger Intercooler to prevent this car from overheating. The All-wheel drive systems gets the torque vectoring system, in addition with twin electronically controlled clutch packs on the rear drive unit. The clutch packs will deliver power from side to side across your rear axle. This method will help your car to do some turn-in and reducing understeering.

Chassis that matters
Maybe this is one of the greatest car can do easy drifting configuration. The chassis itself, it able to generate more than 1.0 g of lateral acceleration movement. All the springs, bushings and the roll bars are stiffened to ensure road grip and stability. The RS will get the two-stage switchable dampers and returned electric power-steering system to make your car movement is easy. On the inside of this car, you will get the additional Gauges, the Bucket Recaro Sports Seats, and of course, lots of ‘RS’ trim. The point is, the interior is as beauty as the outside!